What is Jesus’ real name?

What’s in a name?
The angel tells Mary that her son shall be called … well, oddly enough there is actually some debate about that. Some say that Christ is Jewish and so ought to be called by His Hebrew name. Others say that Holy Scripture is written in Greek and so THAT should be the name used. Pastor Marc tries to shed some light on the issue in this excerpt from the April 30th message “You Who are Highly Favored“.

Why do they wait until sunset to come to Jesus?

In Capernaum, Jesus’ fame has spread, and He is known as a miracle worker. However, the people delay until evening to come to Him. One Gospel account leaves no explanation, while another fills us in on a missing detail from the first. Often in Scripture we will see what are called Undesigned Coincidences, places where the details of one author fill in the holes of another, giving strong support to the genuineness and reliable of the biblical accounts.

An excerpt from the message on Sept, 17th 2017 titled, “Jesus Arrives in Capernaum“.