TACTICS: A Game Plan for Discussing Your Christian Convictions

Based on the book by Gregory Khoul from Stand to Reason. To learn more about this author and his ministry, visit www.STR.org.

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Session 1: Introduction

Session 2: “Just One More Thing

Session 3: “When Ideas Commit Suicide

Session 4: “Rooftops and Steamrollers

Session 5: “Other Useful Moves

Session 6: “Dealing with Gaslighting & the Motte & Bailey” DECEMBER 15th

Advent 2021


November 28th, “The Magi: Hope Promised & Hope Fulfilled

December 5th, “The Angels: Tidings of Great Joy

December 12th, “The Shepherds: Grace to the Humble”

December 19th, “Mary & Joseph: Inspired by Love”

December 24th, Christmas Eve Service

If you are looking for the Advent Devotionals, CLICK HERE.

“Behind the Scenes” of the Nativity

The Liberty Hill Youth imagine the events took place around the birth of Jesus during the time between those recorded in the Bible. Click the link below to view the video on YouTube. A new video is posted each week in Advent.

The Magi

The Angels

The Shepherds

Mary & Joseph

Devotionals for Advent 2021

A new short video is posted every day, Monday thru Friday, during the Advent season. Each video highlights a prophecy from the Old Testament that is fulfilled by Jesus in the New Testament. As we approach Christmas Day, may reflecting on the fulfilled prophecies of Christ help stir our appreciation for the gift that we were given 2,000 years ago in the person of Jesus.

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Monday, November 29th, “The Gospel in the Genealogy

Tuesday, November 30th, “Genesis 3: The First Gospel

Wednesday, December 1st, “From the Line of Abraham

Thursday, December 2nd, “From the Nation of Israel

Friday, December 3rd, “From the Tribe of Judah

Monday, December 6th, “Son of David

Tuesday, December 7th, “A Prophet Like Moses

Wednesday, December 8th, “A Worker of Miracles

Thursday, December 9th, “Riding on a Donkey

Friday, December 10th, “Rejected by His Own

Monday, December 13th, “A Priest & A King”

Tuesday, December 14th, “30 Pieces of Silver”

Wednesday, December 15th, “The Manner of His Death”

Thursday, December 16th, “Raised from the Dead”

Friday, December 17th, “His Impact on the World”

Monday, December 20th, “At Just the Right Time”

Tuesday, December 21st, “A Herald to Prepare the Way”

Wednesday, December 22nd, “The Virgin Birth”

Thursday, December 23rd, “Born in Bethlehem”

Friday, December 24th, “God With Us”