Recommended Resources on Critical Theory

Critical Theory and all of it’s various cultural incarnations (Social Justice, Intersectionality, Critical Race Theory, Gender Theory, etc.) is a toxic ideology that is destructive to the church and society as a whole. As followers of Christ, we are to dedicated to the truth and to loving our neighbors. As such, we should oppose falsehood and injustices in our society. At this time in America, there is no more pernicious and nefarious injustice being perpetrated on the American people than the lie of Critical Theory.

The problems in our culture cannot be solved by divisive untruths. They need the Gospel of Christ.

Below are several resources that present the facts about Critical Theory so that we may be equipped to  understand and respond to the culture around us on these issues.


Dr. Neil Shenvi


Dr. Voddie Bauchum (Videos)


The Trojan Horse: Interview by Michael O’Fallon with Dr. Peter Boghossian and Dr. James Lindsay regarding Critical Theory and Christianity.


New Discourses*

Collection of scholars addressing the cultural shift towards Critical Theory and seeking to get back to open and honest dialogue. Contributors include Peter Boghossian, James Lindsay, and Helen Pluckrose, the authors of several bogus journal articles that exposed the political agenda of Critical Theory based disciplines.


* New Discourses is not a Christian organization. Please do not see their inclusion on this list as an endorsement of everything they say.  However, their research and insights on Critical Theory are useful for understanding the ideology better.