God as Creator and The Problem of Evil II (Doctrine of God, Part 7)

Often times we will have ideas about God or life based on a false notion of God’s relationship to His creation. The Bible describes God as sovereign Creator, which has implications for our theology and therefore our view on many life issues.

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Immaterial, Intelligent, Spaceless, Timeless (Doctrine of God, Part 4)

Our daily experience is one of existing in a physical world with the passage of time. God, however, is not human, and His relationship to the universe is quite different than ours. What does it mean that God is immaterial or spaceless? Is God’s intelligence like human intelligence? These questions and more are explored in this session of our Doctrine of God series on Wednesday nights.



The Design in DNA 2 (Does God Exist, part 5)

It is unavoidable that the amazing world contained within our cells clearly appears designed. The question then becomes if there is a natural, undirected process that can account for the “appearance” of design rather than there actually being a designer?

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