The Design in DNA 2 (Does God Exist, part 5)

It is unavoidable that the amazing world contained within our cells clearly appears designed. The question then becomes if there is a natural, undirected process that can account for the “appearance” of design rather than there actually being a designer?

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The Fine-Tuned Universe (Does God Exist, part 3)

The world we live in is exquisitely put together. The universe is improbably set up to allow for human life on planet earth. Just as the evidence shows that there must have been a beginning cause of the universe, there is also strong evidence that that cause must be highly intelligent.

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The Finite Universe (Does God Exist, part 2)

As we begin to look at the evidence from nature that points to the conclusion that ‘yes indeed God exists,’ we take a look at the universe, the evidence of it’s beginnings and the implications that has for the question before us.

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Faith, Reason & Worldview (Does God Exist, part 1)

As we begin our look at the Doctrine of God, we take the time to examine the question of God’s existence. This first session lays the groundwork for how we will analyze evidence and see that God’s existence best explains what we see in the world around us.

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