Do We Have Free Will? (Doctrine of Man, Part 8)

We conclude our study on the Doctrine of Man with a look at the question, “Are we responsible for our choices?” As human beings it seems rather obvious that we make decisions all the time. Yet there also seems to be this sense in which the choices people make seem inevitable. Do we really have free will to determine our own actions? Or as some claim, is it all an illusion and everything is determined for us?

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Our Fall From Grace (Doctrine of Man, part 5)

One truth that is undeniable is the inherent flaw of mankind. We lean towards selfishness and pride. However, we also have an intuitive awareness that this is not the way tings ought to be. The unsettled conscience of every person points to the truth of what theologians call The Doctrine of The Fall. We were created one way, and thru certain events, we fell from grace into what we now are.

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The Immaterial Man (Doctrine of God, part 4)

There seems to be more to human beings than just sophisticated organic machines. We can think and reflect and have a self-awareness. These are all qualities typically attributed to a separate consciousness, a mind, or soul. What are some common ways that philosophers have addressed these issues, and what does the Bible say?

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Created in God’s Image (Doctrine of Man, Part 2)

The fancy Latin term for it is “Imago Dei”. The Image of God. The Scriptures record God’s creation of man as something separate from and different than the creation of everything else. Mankind is created “in the image of God”. But what does that mean? In this session we take a look at some of the details philosophers and theologians have hammered out regarding this issue.


Ideas Have Consequences (Doctrine of Man, Part 1)

For millennia people have been wondering about the big questions of life, but is it more than just trivial wonderings? We begin our new study of The Doctrine of Man with a look at why such a thing is important to study and know. Just as what we believe about God will influence everything else we believe, many of the contentious issues we face in culture today can be traced back to one’s view on the nature of humanity. What e believe about the nature and purpose and origin of mankind will have consequences for a wide range of questions.

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