“It’s No Trouble at All” Series Page

Often times people are lead astray and find reason to doubt their faith because of reasonable-sounding arguments and rhetorically powerful claims that appeal to their emotions. However, often, upon further inspection, these arguments and claims do not hold up to scrutiny.

In this six part series, we responded to ten such challenges put forward by a popular atheist YouTube personality, PineCreek.

  1. Doubts and Seeking Truth
  2. Misquotes, Evidence, & Missing Records
  3. Eyewitness Accounts & Luke’s Relationship with Paul
  4. Differences in the Gospels & The No. of New Testament Manuscripts
  5. Are there Inconsistencies and Errors in the Bible?
  6. Could we have The New Testament without The Resurrection?


The Challenges Made and Answers Given:

  1. Do the New Testament authors misquote the Old Testament?
  2. Is there contemporary evidence for the life and ministry of Jesus?
  3. Do the Gospels report event that we would expect others to record?
  4. Do the Gospels present eyewitness accounts?
  5. Was Luke a companion of Paul who carefully recorded some of the history of Jesus?
  6. Do the differences in the Gospels lend them credibility?
  7. Do the thousands of New Testament manuscripts point to its historical reliability?
  8. Does the Bible provide a consistent message from Genesis to Revelation?
  9. Are there errors and mistakes in the Bible besides spelling and grammar?

Misquotes, Evidence, and Missing Records (“It’s No Trouble at All” – Part 2)

In his Wednesday evening class, Pastor Marc responds to the video by Douglas (PineCreek) Letkeman. In his original video, Douglas makes the challenge of 10 issues which he claims cast doubt on the Bible’s historicity and would therefore “cause trouble in church”. This video deals with the first 3.